Sadness and Happiness

Today my son Jomar has his tenth birthday, December 16 2015, and also today it is the last day we can see his oma (granny). Last thursday she past away and this coming friday is her funeral. The age difference is almost 85 years and we thought she will be getting 100 years old. But last summer she had a stroke and she never recovered from that. After her husband died she wanted to join him because she was missing him very much but she also wanted to stay with us because she didn’t want to miss us also. Now she past away and we will never forget her. Jomar wanted to see his oma on this day for the last time and he want to close the coffin together with me. So friday evening we are going to look for two stars in heaven and as Jomar said i hope oma (granny) wil find opa (grandad).

Happy birthday Jomar and happy journey Ma say hello to pa from all of us.

Sadness and Happiness in a cloud full of emotions.


Life is the path to death

Death is the path to eternity

Eternity is the path to eternal life

And at the end you never die but you live forever


Quote: The day you’re born is the first day you’re dying.

Quote: Memories are those thoughts who keeps you alive when you’re old. (20-08-2014)

Quotes by Don’t miss it


If you like i am 58 years old with a son of 7 years old you’re not thinking about a old folks home.

I feel young, because of my son and my wife , sometimes my wife doesn’t agree. 😉

But it means also when you reach a certain age that your parents, grandma and grandpa, are not that young either.

My father died two years ago after a long struggle. We were sad that he died but glad that his struggle was over.

He became 85 years old. My mother is already 92 so a very respectable age and she is still living on her own.

She still cooks her own dinner and still cleaning the house.

Of course she gets help from me and my wife and a couple of hours in the week somebody comes to clean.

She can’t get up the stairs anymore so she is living and sleeping downstairs.

This week she was telling me that she is ready for the old folks home.

It’s a hard dissision for her because she’s living almost 60 years in that house and for me it’s a shock.

At that moment you realize  that a episode of you’re life is closing, the house where you grew up will be soon from somebody else.

And that means you can’t go back anymore to the place where you grew up and played as a child.

So all what is left are ……………………….. MEMORIES


Happy Days………..Happy Memories

Memories of a house where i grew up as a child. Now after my father died and my mother moved to a old folks home i have to clean up the place so somebody else can rent the house.  I don’t mind but the glue on the concrete is really something.  It’s getting into you’re body and you feel every muscle after you removing the glue from the concrete. Love for the family is a strange thing sometimes. But if you scraping the floor for days, it feels like years, then at a certain moment you start to think ……..


Scrape, scrape, scrape

concrete, glue

stick to each other as two lovers

slowly separate the two with a scraping knife

Scrape, scrape, scrape

concrete, glue

put them together is easy, getting them apart is hell

every bone and muscle in you’re body hurts

Scrape, scrape, scrape

concrete, glue

i’m sure you wouldn’t, you didn’t

good for you, just think of it



Thanks to my wife, friends and Jomar who helped me during this time without them i still be scraping.


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