Happiness and Sadness


Sadness and Happiness

Today my son Jomar has his tenth birthday, December 16 2015, and also today it is the last day we can see his oma (granny). Last thursday she past away and this coming friday is her funeral. The age difference is almost 85 years and we thought she will be getting 100 years old. But last summer she had a stroke and she never recovered from that. After her husband died she wanted to join him because she was missing him very much but she also wanted to stay with us because she didn’t want to miss us also. Now she past away and we will never forget her. Jomar wanted to see his oma on this day for the last time and he want to close the coffin together with me. So friday evening we are going to look for two stars in heaven and as Jomar said i hope oma (granny) wil find opa (grandad).

Happy birthday Jomar and happy journey Ma say hello to pa from all of us.

Sadness and Happiness in a cloud full of emotions.


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