One year


May 11 2014, 11.29 AM.

Is anybody out there? I think so, I know so. At is always somebody 24 hours a day to give you a like.

One year is past since i started my blog on

And it is still a big adventure doing it. One year of doing that what i like.

Looking forward but also looking backward with photo’s and sometimes with a “poem” or with a little bit of “writing”.

At least i am hoping that you can say that is a poem or a writing because i’m not sure about it myself. 😉

I admire the persons who can write a good story or make a good poem.

But most of the time only a title and a photo. Yes i love to take photo’s and look at photo’s taking by other people.

On mothers day, may 11 at 11.29 hours, it’s excactly one year ago that i publicised my first  post.

It was a photo taken by me at IKEA Eindhoven. We had breakfast there with a couple of friends.


And yes today it’s mothers day again.

Maybe you remember this photo with text.


Love is what we give to mother every day.

Every day is mothers day.


It still works. Where would we be without mother every day?

So to every mother in the world i say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.


The first person who give me a like was mr. Valeriu D.G. Barbu and i thank him for that. So that was also the first person that i was following. After that there slowly came more people to my blog. And now i’m happy to reached the number of 112 followers. And i thank them all that they have the courage to follow me. Maybe you think it’s not so much but everybody who is following me is special. I did 111 posts in this first year.

As you already noticed i like to take photo’s from my son Jomar and my wife Mary but also from all those things and objects that interests me or that i think it’s worth to take a photo from.

Maybe you don’t remember the time anymore, about 20 years ago, that you wrote a letter to some one. It took sometimes more then fourteen days when that letter has to go to the other end of the world. And now with one click on your keyboard you can reach millions of people. Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook to mention a couple of those social links. And everything you write or show it will always be there in what they now call the cloud. Isn’t that amazing. Everybody who is having a blog want to share his or her thoughts with other people. News is sometimes going faster then it is happening and reaches us quicker then we ever could have been imagening. And we learn a lot more and faster then before. If i look at my son Jomar, who is eight years old, i’m every time surprised what he is doing with the equipment of this time. You give him a iPhone and he is downloading games within a minute. You give him another celphone with Android or Black Berry on it and he will do the same. It’s amazing what kids learn by themselves now a days. But i can also be angry at this world when they let you do everything on the internet even if your 92 years old like my mother. You have to go with the time they say. If you’re 92 how can you? i ask. The answer is simple you cant. Sometimes the things are going to fast and you only have to think how will it be when i’m (if you can reach that age) 92 years old.

But i’m happy with my Macbook. I still remember the first computer i had to work with at my work. It was a IBM 175 or something like that. You could walk in it and with the disk you could play curling. Of course that wasn’t allowed but that was back in the beginning of the eighties. And the screens where black with green letters. And look at now you got your tablet or iPad, your laptop or Macbook, your cellphone or iphone, your desktop or iMac and what will be next. Yes you’re  looking television, doing internet and making phone calls from one device that will be hanging on the wall, probably in every room of the house. But you have to watch out that you keep in controle of the equipment and not the other way around.


So time is going fast for everybody. Even Jomar says to me papa time goes fast this morning i get up and now i have to go to bed again. Then i think to myself time will always be the same only we are living in a fast world. Maybe it is time to slow down a little bit. Do what i like to do like writing a post for my blog or do something with photoshop or going out to take some new photo’s. And hoping that other people will like it also. But the main thing is for all of us who are having a blog enjoy it tell people what’s on your mind. Show them the good and bad news tell them what’s going on get your photo’s, your movies, your poems, your stories and everything else on the web but above all ENJOY WHAT YOU’RE DOING.

So that’s one year of

I want to thank everybody who is following me and yes i also will following you, why?

I learn, i laugh, i wonder, i’ll be surprised, be angry, be sad but above all i’m happy.

So once again thanks for the following and the likes and talk and see  you soon on 


And if you want to follow me, please do, i will follow you.


I only want one present for my first birthday on WordPress and that is more likes then i have now 😉


Enjoy the compilation of photo’s that i made Don’t miss it


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