2013 GLOW Eindhoven

GLOW Eindhoven 2013.
A lot of people where waiting for this weekend.
The 8 edition of GLOW Eindhoven has started.
A week where a lot of artists show there objects of lights and lasers.
At 6.45 PM was the start of GLOW Eindhoven 2013 with a light and laser show at the PSV Soccer Stadium.
The project was produced by Noralie and named Clashlight.
At the Wilhelminasquare there was a French Group, Porté par le vent” with there”Flying Objects”.
So now you have a first impression of this event.
Eindhoven is a city with 220.000 inhabitants.
The estimation of people who are going to visit GLOW is over 500.000.
So this week it will be very crowded in Eindhoven.
And there will be more posts from me about GLOW 2013

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