Marathon Eindhoven october 13 2013

Marathon Eindhoven 2013

Today the 30th marathon of Eindhoven found place.

The weather wasn’t good lots of rain and wind. So everybody didn’t look cold they were cold.

But never the less it was very crowded.

Jomar had number 25846 and he did the 2.5 km run.

It was the first time that he joint a big event like this.

But dispite the weather he was happy to join.

Before you run you have to do a warming up so lets go.

Stretch and move your body and then lets go and run.

But before you can run you have to wait.

And when it is cold and it’s raining then waiting is not a pleasure.

Still a couple of minutes to go and then i can go at last.

And then after 2.5 km there was the finish.

When he past the finish he get a drink and a medal.

And a champions cup.

Very good Jomar.

Go Jomar Go


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