Holiday Coux ( France ) The End

The holiday in Coux is going to it’s end. We had a nice time here and time is running fast when you’re having fun.

The camping “Le Moulin d’Onclaire” is a nice place if you want to relax on a camping with not so much places.

And there is enough to do when you drive to places like Montelimar,Privas and so on.

So if you have the change to go to the Ardéche, France, and want to do a lot of things you can do them.

If you want to relax you can do that too of course.

So our holiday ends in two days. Enjoy the compilation of pictures from our holiday.

But for everyone who still looking forward to there holiday have a very nice holiday with lots of fun and adventure.


Thank you for following us on this nice holiday.

Merci Coux au revoir.

Thank you Coux and goodbye.



2 thoughts on “Holiday Coux ( France ) The End

  1. Lovely pictures, we spent a week in Ardeche, in Vallon Pont D’Arc and absolutely loved the area. I have posted a blog with some of my pictures from there.
    Nice to discover your blog. Laura


    • Hi Laura, love your post about the Ardèche. Yes it is nice there. We went home on the day of the heavy rains so in a certain way we were lucky. On the camping we where staying they could swim in their tents.
      And thanks for visiting my blog.
      Greetings Jos


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