Vacation, school’s out


At last “SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER”. ( Thank you, Alice Cooper )

The school vacation’s are there and all the kids are happy.

No more school, no more homework, no more “get up otherwise you come to late to school”.

And as a parent no more stress, no more hurry up and no more traffic jam. ( at least for school )

Everybody is talking where are we going for vacation or did already plan it. (France)

And if it’s good weather what is nicer then a fresh haircut to start the vacation.

It’s a fresh start to the future. New class, maybe a new school, and maybe a new teacher.

So let the kids have fun they deserve it after a year of filling up there mind with lots of stuff.

So to all the kids out there have a nice vacation and to all the parents enjoy the kids vacation so you have a vacation too.



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