No i’m not talking about the alphabet but about the swimming diploma from our son.

He got his diploma C. The last one in a row. And he was very happy with that.

And as a parents were also very happy because now we  don’t have to worry when he is at the swimming pool.

It’s for kids a big thing, and also for all parents, because every time a kid get a certificate or a diploma it’s a step closer to adultery.

It’s a step closer to living there own life. And for us parents it’s a next step  to let go.

Step by step we, as a parent, have to learn how to let go our kid.

Sometimes i think i wish he could stay like he is now. I enjoy every day with him but i know it’s not possible.

But as all parents we are proud that he got his swimming diploma’s A B C.

So lets go to the next level of growing up and hope it’s as smooth as the swimming diploma’s.

Great job Jomar.



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