In early days this game was very popular.

In the sixty’s i play it with my friends and now my son is playing it again.

In the Netherlands it is at this moment a very popular game again.

I forgot how we called all the different marbles.

But the young kids have a lot of names for them. Mini’s, giants and a lot more.

Every day when it isn’t raining he is outside to play the game with the marbles.

Here in the Netherlands we call it “knikkeren”.

When he is coming home with a big smile i know he won.

But when he is angry or even sometimes crying then he lost a lot of marbles.

And then i say to him ” It’s all in the game, sometimes you win and sometimes you loose”.

When i play it with him, just for fun ,  it brings back memory’s of the past long time ago.

The game with marbles is a nice game for young kids and for old kids.

So go outside and play the game.

Stay young forever.



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